2Raumwohnung - Bye Bye Bye

Directed by: Mount Mendoza

DoP: Alex Bloom

Produced by: CZAR.DE, Thorne Mutert

A music video we did in madrid with a lot of dogs. A lot! 

March  26   ( 1 )   +

A nice little music video we directed. We like it. Hope you like it too.

December  10   ( 4 )   +

Final postpro für #28sounds morgen kommt das ganze Video!

Rendering Black noise feels wrong…

#mountmendoza on Set

The most beautiful couple existing on the planet earth.  


New music video for 28soundstoescape. coming soon.

November  5   /   source   +

A music video remixed out of existing material. Edited with Mr. Vincent Tirpitz. Done in september 2013.